As a certified Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) facility, you don’t have to travel off-campus written exams; you can take them right here! Each computer contains aviation test preparation software. Question banks are continuously updated to maximize your chances of passing your FAA Knowledge exams.


You’ll graduate with about 200 hours in a helicopter. While experience may be the best teacher, it cannot prepare you for everything you’ll need to know for your career! Sure this is helicopter school, but its still school. That means you aren’t exempt from cracking open the books and studying. The majority of books in our library are a result of suggestions from our instructors. Others were recommendations from industry professionals. They weren’t chosen to merely to give you busy work. These are the tools that will help prepare you for your career.
Mountain Ridge Helicopters has a substantial magazine collection built from years of saving various personal subscriptions. These come in handy when you have a specific question about the industry that may not be in a textbook. For example, you would be more likely to find information about the heli-logging industry in a periodical instead of a book.

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