Want to be a pilot?

As a pilot, you will never be stuck behind a desk doing the same old thing day after day!  There are many exciting career paths available to you.  Each job comes with a new set of missions and challenges that will not only test your skills but help you to acquire the knowledge and insight necessary for a successful career.

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Law Enforcement

Police Helicopter Pilots operate under stressful situations, since they respond to 911 calls and civilians in distress. They are often called to hover over busy highways, crime scenes, and called in for backup to protect America’s borders from groups that oppose America’s freedoms.


As an agricultural pilot you will have the opportunity to fly specifically designed helicopters. These helicopters supply herbicides, insecticides, seeds, and fertilizers on crops. Some jobs require surveys of cattle and crops or fighting fires by dumping fire retardant.

Flight Instuctor

Flight Instructors are responsible for training students how to fly in a variety of settings using methods such as classroom, simulator, and dual flight. Instructors will use ground classes to teach students the basics of flying which will aid the students in passing their tests with the FAA. Instructors will also use dual flights with students to help them with the flight potion of their training.


Probably the most sought after career in the helicopter industry. Most EMS pilots will have a rotating schedule while being on call most of their assigned shift. When you do get called out during your shift you will have the opportunity to assist Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and other specific needs.

Fire Fighter

Helicopter Fire Fighters are on the front lines of wildfires. They are responsible for transporting firefighters and supplies to and from the fire, hauling cargo, and dropping water or retardant on fires from buckets or tanks.

Tour Guide

Tour Guides are responsible for helping people visit unfamiliar areas. They usually make special trips to show tourists special attractions of a specific city or geographic location. Mountain Ridge has special relationships with several touring companies such as Papillion, and Maverick in the Grand Canyon. Some of Mountain Ridge’s graduates are currently flying for these and other touring companies.

Powerline Patrol

The fastest and most effective way to monitor pipelines and power lines is from a helicopter. As a power line pilot you will have the unique opportunity to fly low level flights flying along pipelines and power lines checking for signs of damage, vandalism, and other conditions requiring attention.

Offshore Pilot

Off shore pilots have a unique job. As an offshore pilot you will have the opportunity to transfer highly paid and highly skilled oil rigging engineers, and top oil tycoons and executives to survey oil vessels all over the world. In addition these pilots are required to fly in all different weather conditions. The flying is some of the most demanding outside of military flying.

Heli Saw Pilot

Heli Saw pilots are often employed by utility companies to clear vegetation along power lines. Modern saw assemblies include 10 24-inch diameter blades suspended from the helicopter on aluminum pipes. The combined length of the saw and pipes may run up to 100 feet. Companies like Aerial Solutions Inc. hire skilled pilots around 1,500 hours.