We work hard at Mountain Ridge Helicopters to offer top tier training to those future pilots who want to make this a career. 


Our Mountain Ridge graduates move on to a variety of exciting career paths—from EMS to Grand Canyon Tours, Offshore Oil to Law Enforcement. We want to make your education worth it! On average, two out of three Mountain Ridge graduates find a job immediately after completing the program. According to 2016 data, 98% of our students find a job within six months of graduation. We do everything we can: resume writing, utilizing existing contacts, job shadowing, and more. Meet some of our graduates and learn about their pathways to success.

Andy Hatch
Electronic News Gathering
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As I look back to my training at Mountain Ridge, I am grateful for instructors who pushed me to step outside my comfort zone, so that I would push myself to succeed. Learning in the mountain environment, power limited, prepared me for just about any flying situation I could get myself into.

Since Mountain Ridge I have been to Minnesota as a flight instructor, and now I am in Dallas flying ENG (Electronic News Gathering) in the R44 for the last two years. It’s amazing to see where this career can take you, but never forget where you came from. Thank you Mountain Ridge for the great training and experiences that I gained.

Christi Brown
CFI/Tour Pilot, New York City
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I participated in the Professional Pilot Program at MRH – Private Pilot through CFII. My experience was overwhelmingly positive. I had engaged instructors who truly cared about my success as a pilot instead of focusing on the hours they needed for the next step in their career. The staff aided me with financing options and helped me keep on top of my budget. The helicopters were maintained by in-house mechanics. I could point out items on the preflight that were immediately addressed by the nearest A&P. My success as CFI/tour pilot in New York City speaks to the professionalism and dedication of Mountain Ridge Helicopters. Highly recommended!

Cayl Gardner
EMS Pilot
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​Training at Mountain Ridge has given me valuable experience! Being in the mountains provided me with the knowledge of high altitude operations and safe decision making. The school is also located next to a busy airport where you can become confident talking with different types of towers. Most important is that I felt safe. The mechanics are detail oriented and the owners truly care about you and your safety.

I am currently an EMS pilot in California. On any given day we could be flying up the Sierra Nevada Range to the National Parks, or transporting someone through the busy airspaces of the Bay Area. Mountain Ridge will give you the tools necessary to accomplish your career goals.


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