What makes a great location for a flight school? The best thing you can do to prepare for future missions is to fly in varying terrain and elevation. Situated at the base of the rugged Rocky Mountains at 4,500 feet above sea level, Mountain Ridge Helicopters offers this experience. Not only does Mountain Ridge have highly qualified instructors that were trained in the mountains, the school itself is located in an almost perfect part of the country. Utah’s slogan is “Life Elevated”. At Mountain Ridge, we live elevated.



As a student you want the most available flight time. As an authorized repair center, Mountain Ridge Helicopters minimizes down time. With parts on hand and an in-house technician, mechanical issues can be dealt with on-site, so helicopters can get back up in the air as soon as possible. After a set amount of hours in the air, helicopters are required to be sent in for examination.


 Here’s the skinny: The FAA allows flight schools like Mountain Ridge to train pilots under two sections (or Parts) of the Federal Aviation Regulations, or FARs. Part 61 is all about the Certification of Airmen. Under this Part, students have a lot of flexibility in their training and there is not a lot of regulation on the flight school. Part 141, on the other hand, is much more regulated, there is more documentation and both the school and the student are held to a higher standard. Employers are interested in the overall reputation of the school where you did your training and we have an obligation to our students to make sure that we are doing all of your training to the highest standard available. Mountain Ridge Helicopters is a Part 141 flight school offering certificates in Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor. We also train in all ratings and certificates under Part 61. Part 141 is a guarantee that a school meets high government standards. Whether you end up choosing a Part 61 course or Part 141, all students are trained to the highest standard set forth by the FAA.


We want to make your education worth it! On average, two out of three Mountain Ridge graduates find a job immediately after completing the program. We do everything we can; resume writing assistance, utilizing existing contacts, job shadowing and more.





“I enjoy seeing my students faces when they are discussing the helicopters and are around them...besides, you be hard pressed to have a bad day while flying a helicopter.”
Nate Gnehm Flight Instructor and Mountain Ridge Graduate -
“The atmosphere of being with positive, superior instructors is what attracted me to Mountain Ridge Helicopters. They encourage me to succeed with their thorough teachings. By doing so I know that I am getting the best there is to offer.”
Shawn Thompson Current Mountain Ridge Student/Pilot -
“After my first introductory flight I was hooked. The location and the attraction of getting high altitude training is why I chose Mountain Ridge over other schools. I also appreciated how clean their facilities were and how knowledgeable and professional the staff was. After several visits to the school and meetings with the staff it wasn’t hard to choose Mountain Ridge for my flight training.”
Tanner Matthews Current Mountain Ridge Helicopter Student -
“I owe my success in making it in the helicopter industry to the great training I received at Mountain Ridge. The owners have established a high quality program with great instructors and they really do care about the success and skill of each student. They provided for me and still do provide great training facilities, the highest quality training program and awesome instructors. In addition to their quality training, the areas in which they fly are very valuable to what you will experience in the helicopter industry. I now fly a three million dollar turbine everyday, landing in a confined area in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and love it!. Mountain Ridge has helped me get where I am today!”
Brett Reeder Current Mountain Ridge Helicopter Student -